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COLLINGWOOD, Cuthbert, Baron (1748-1810). Vice-admiral. Second in command at Trafalgar.
Letter Signed to Sir Robert Adair, 1 page folio with second leaf bearing a brief endorsement, Ocean at Malta, 27 January 1809. Congratulating Adair on having concluded a treaty with Turkey, promising to order the cessation of naval hostilities, and offering to find a good position for Captain Stewart.

Sir Robert Adair (1763-1855, politician and diplomatist) had been sent to Constantinople by (George) Canning in 1809 as minister plenipotentiary (but answerable to Collingwood), returning the following year. He evidently made good use of his time in Turkey, as the contents of the present letter clearly show. In later life he was to publish memoirs of the negotiations which he then concluded: The Negotiations for the Peace of the Dardanelles in 1809-9 (London, Longmans, 2 vols. 1845).
The following is an extract from a letter from Adair to Canning:
'The Sea-Horse, Captain Stewart, arrived here, yesterday, from Smyrna. Captain Stewart brings a direct and most earnest application from the Reis Efendi to Lord Collingwood to enter into immediate negociations for the restoration of peace between his Majesty and the Porte [the central government of the Ottoman empire]. Having in my possession a copy of your instructions to Sir Arthur Paget, of last May, and no other copy of them being to be found in this part of the world, I have thought it my duty to communicate them to his Excellency, Sir Alexander Ball, by whom they will be forwarded to Lord Collingwood as a guide to him in any negotiation which he may think proper to undertake. ...' (Malta, 8 April 1808)

'I have to acknowledge the receipt of your Excellency's letters of the 6th Instant, informing me that you had concluded a treaty of Peace and amity with the Turkish Government, and enclosing a copy of two additional secret articles of the Treaty.
 'On this occasion I beg to congratulate your Excellency on the happy termination of your negociation. I have issued in consequence of it a General instruction to the fleet to cease from all hostility against the ships and subjects of the Ottomon Empire.
 'I shall at all times have pleasure in paying every possible regard to your request or suggestions. No officer is in higher estimation in my mind than Captain Stewart, because I have experienced his ability and Judgement wherever he was employed, and know that he is suited to the most important services, with this impression I shall be glad to appoint him to a station where he himself will feel a confidence. ...'

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