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CUMBERLAND, Richard (1732-1811). Playwright and novelist.
Autograph Letter Signed to an unnamed correspondent ('Dear Sir'), 2 pages 4to (small splits and one tear professionally repaired), Tetworth, 9 August no year (ca 1794). Asking that he and his sister should be kept informed when Henry Alcock of Waterford Castle dies.

'... I need not say that there is some delicacy to be observed in this commission. ...'

He also informs him that his son had been put under the care of a clergyman during the holidays.
'... he is to keep Holidays with a Clergyman of Mr Hume's recommending, a man of unexceptionable character, but it is an objection I am afraid that he lives in London. The suddenness of Mr Bentham's affair [i.e. his death] made any other plan impracticable: I hope however that you will have no reason to regret this arrangement, as I dare say he will have all possible care taken both of his morals & manners. ...'
James Bentham (1709-1794, professor of theology at Oxford) had died on 17 November 1794. The reference to Mr Hume is unlikely to be to the philosopher David Hume (1711-1776) in view of the date.

£550 [No: 26310]
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