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ROSSINI, Gioachino (1792-1868). Composer.
Letter Signed (in full 'Gioachino Rossini') to the composer and piano-maker, C[amille] Pleyel, in Paris; 1 page 4to with address-leaf, Florence, 21 May 1852. Complaining about the delay in the delivery of a grand piano.
'This is the third letter I have sent you about the delivery of a grand piano I ordered from you. They have all remained without a reply. I am pressed and harassed by the purchaser, and beg you to let me know the instant it arrives in Genoa. The piano will be addressed to Monsieur Giocaomo Filippo Penco in Genoa to be sent on to Monsieur Spaletti in Reggio. I ask you to reread what my two previous letters said about payment and give an explicit reply ...' [Translation]
The Parisian firm of pianoforte makers Pleyel & Co. had been founded by Camille's father Ignaz Pleyel in 1807, and was always headed by a distinguished musician. Regular concerts were given in their salon, and Chopin made hs Paris debut there in 1831. Pleyel pianos were particulary noted for their light touch and unique 'singing' tone.

The place and date at the foot of the letter are also in Rossini's hand.

£1100 [No: 26314]
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