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COX, David (1783-1859). Landscape painter.
Autograph Letter Signed to Mrs Spiers, 3 pages 8vo, Greenfield [House], Harbourne, 26 December 1851. Thanking her for a letter and gift including 'a token of love and friendship' from her 'nine chicks', sending some drawings (no longer enclosed) for her children, and congratulating them on the arrival of a new daughter.
'... I dare not say anything about my paying a visit to Oxford just yet, only that I am ashamed of having failed in my promise so often but I trust you and dear Mr Spiers will forgive me, having had many calls to take me from home which I cannot now explain, which has altogether taken me from my commissions and now I am teased by gentlemen, whose pictures have been begun two years that I would finish them ...'
Mrs [Elizabeth] Spiers was the wife of Richard James Spiers, a successful Oxford retailer and freemason who became Mayor of Oxford in 1853. They had 13 children in 18 years. From 1841 David Cox spent his remaining years in Harbourne near Birmingham. Having established himself as one of the most accomplished and successful watercolourists of his generation, he was increasingly painting in oils. It was for this reason that he chose to leave London for Birmingham, in order to perfect his technique, as it was generally regarded as impossible to succeed in both mediums and such experimentation could even have damaged his reputation.

£250 [No: 26411]
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