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CHALMERS, Thomas (1780-1847). Church of Scotland minister and social reformer.
A group of thirteen letters to various correspondents, 1820-1846. Most of the letters betray signs of mounting or trimming not affecting the text (unless specified below where necessary). This is not at all unusual for Chalmers's correspondence.

Autograph Letter Signed to an unnamed correspondent, 16 February 1820: ('One reason for calling upon you this evening was earnestly to solicit the hastening forward of our school estimates. Another was to speak to you of Mr McLeod in his capacity as a candidate for the reading school belonging to the Highland Society. I have no hesitation in vouching most confidently for his christian worth ...')

Autograph Letter (third person) to Miss ?Mortimer, 16 September 1822, declining an invitation on the grounds of a prior engagement.

Autograph Letter (third person) to Mr Wood, 9 October 1822, declining an invitation on the grounds of the shortness of his stay at Sheffield.

Autograph Letter Signed to Miss Somerville (at 'Mrs Robertson / No 2, George Square'), 3 June 1823, announcing that he would call on her that afternoon ('I have a funeral to attend at in a distant part of the town - and you may have to wait a few minutes - but I shall soon join you.')

Autograph Letter Signed to George Forbes, 19 November 1828, ('I find it quite necessary to refrain altogether from dining out here at the end of the week.')

Autograph testimonial in favour of William ?Twiss ('a young gentleman of superior talents', who had been one of his students in moral philosophy and political economy), Edinburgh, 3 November 1829: ('I have no doubt upon my mind that he will turn out a most efficient clergyman - and that he will discharge the duties both of the Pulpit and the Parish ... .')

Autograph Letter Signed to Edward Irving (glued to an album-leaf, seal-tear and one small hole hardly touching the text), St James' Place, 5 May 1830, announcing the arrival of his wife an daughter in London and expressing the hope of seeing Irving.

Autograph Letter Signed to John Thomas, Edinburgh, 29 March 1833, telling him that he had only just seen his note and that' it is useless now to enter any further on an argument; and I very sincerely hope that in a short time the matter will be forgotten'.

Autograph Letter (third person) (name of correspondent not deciphered), Edinburgh, 17 March 1840, telling him that he had read the papers and would forward them, and conveying hopes for his recovery from illness.

Autograph Letter (third person), Edinburgh, 9 November 1840, begging to subscribe to Bishop Warburton's Literary Remains [London, 1841].

Autograph Letter Signed to Sir Andrew Agnew (1793-1849), Edinburgh, 24 February 1841, asking him to read 'Mr Hamilton's new pamphlet' and to recommend it to his parliamentary friends.

Autograph Letter Signed to Rev. W.K. Tweedie (1803-1863), Tullichewan, Dumbartonshire, 12 July 1845. See illustration.

Autograph Letter Signed to the Rev. Mr Reid, Churchill (Morningside), 23 April 1846, regretting that he would be unable to hear him ('I am so susceptible of cold') but inviting him to breakfast the following day.

Together with a half-page of shorthand, said to be by Chalmers; a signed attendance certificate for his theological class in favour of Edward Robertson, 1840 (soiled); and a late copy of a letter from Chalmers to Alexader Gillespie (16 June 1835).
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