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DARWIN, Charles (1809-1882). Naturalist.
Autograph Letter Signed to his cousin Reginald Darwin (1818-1892), 4 pages 8vo with slight staining in the central fold, Down, Beckenham, Kent, 27 March 1879. Announcing his intention to translate and provide a preface for [E. Krause's] sketch of Dr Erasmus Darwin's life, and asking whether RD has any documents concerning Dr Darwin or letters by him.
'March 27 1879 / [printed: Down, Beckenham Kent ...]
Dear Cousin [identified in a note at the head as Reginald Darwin of Buxton],

A German has published a sketch of the life of our grandfather, which my Brother & self intend to have translated & I mean to add a preface about his character etc etc; but my chief object is to contradict flatly some calumnies by Miss Seward1. Now if you possess any documents about him or letters written by him, & would be so very kind as to send them to me for a time (they shd. be returned registered) they might prove very useful, though judging from letters in my possession I fear that few would be worth publishing.

It is very many years since we met, & I hope that you retain your health & strength. I am growing a very old man, but keep as yet my mental faculties totally clear.

Pray believe me / Dear Cousin / yours sincerely ' Ch. Darwin.

Did you ever happen to hear whether Dr [Erasmus] D[arwin] reached his son Charles in Edinburgh in time to see him die? ...'

See The Darwin Project letter Number 11957 (text not published).
Ernst Krause's 'Erasmus Darwin, with a preliminary notice by Charles Darwin', was published in London by Murray in 1879.
1. Darwin is presumably referring to Anna Seward's 'Memoirs of the Life of Dr. Darwin: Chiefly During His Residence in Lichfield ...', London, 1804.

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