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BERLIOZ, Hector (1803-1869). French composer.
Autograph Letter Signed to Emile Deschamps, poet and author of the libretto of Roméo et Juliette, 1 page 8vo, Friday evening [27 October 1848].

'Did you really believe I'd accept anything of yours without trying to offer you something of my own in return? ... I asked Taylor for two seats, which I've been carrying around in my pocket for the past four days and I now enclose. I fervently hope this concert gives you even just one tenth of the great artistic emotion which Macbeth gave me! ...'
He is 'so exhuasted by this morning's rehearsal that I can hardly hold the pen'.
Deschamps' adaptation of Macbeth had been premiered on 2 October at the Odéon. The tickets Berlioz gave him would have been for his forthcoming concert on 29 October at the opera house in Versailles.
Correspondance Générale 1233.

£850 [No: 26746]
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