KEROUALLE, Louise, Duchess of Portsmouth, letters, autographs, documents, manuscripts

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KEROUALLE, Louise, Duchess of Portsmouth (1649-1734). Mistress of Charles II.
Autograph Letter Signed in French ('L. Duchesse de Portsmouth') to 'Mon Seigneur' (?the Duke of Orléans), 3 pages 4to, endorsed at head, no place, no date [about 1717]. Employing flattery, stressing bonds of loyalty, and appealing to chivalry in an attempt to prevent a reduction in her pension. With a full translation.
'... I shall be Mon Seigneur, in the most serious position, if I am so unfortunate as not to receive your all-powerful protection in replacing by some other means the reduction, which is being made in my pension. You do not ignore, Mon Seigneur, the essential services, which I had the honour of rendering the state. The reward as you know, Mon Seigneur, is of the most mediocre. I hope, therefore, that of your kindness and justice, you will not reduce it. I throw myself therefore at the feet of your Royal Highness as an old servant of your Royal House ... .'

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