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The image is of the postcard only.

BJÖRNSON, Björnstjerne (1832-1910). Norwegian poet and novelist.
Autograph Letter Signed to an unnamed correspondent and an Autograph Postcard Signed to Johannes Marer, 1½ pages 8vo, Aulestad and no place, 21 April 1890 and no date [postmark 31 January 1892]. Discussing the works of Grundtvig and Hejberg, regretting he has not read Kielland's latest book, and mentioning Sverdrup.
Alexander Kielland (1849-1906), Norwegian novelist and burgomaster of Stavanger, published Tales of Two Countries in 1891.
 Nikolai Grundtvig (1783-1872) was a Danish theologian and poet; Johan Ludvig Hejberg (1791-1860), a Danish dramatist.
 With Bjornson's help, Johan Sverdrup (1816-1892), leader of the opposition, became prime minister in 1884. However, the two rapidly fell out over ecclesiastical matters - Sverdrup refused Kielland a pension because of the latter's anti-clericalism. He was compelled to retire from office in 1889.

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The image is of the postcard only.

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