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COOK, Eliza (1818-1889). Poet.
Autograph manuscript Signed, of the poem 'Castle Lea', 6 pages 4to, (sewn together in upper left corner), no place, no date [watermark 1851]. With a modern typescript of the poem, evidently taken from the 1869 edition of her works. The modern transcription differs from the original manuscript in several places.
The poem, in 11 stanzas, is 'respectfully and gratefully inscribed to its possessors' by Cook.
'Every golden ray was hiding
In Novembers's spreading cloak.
Grey and misty scud was rising
O'er the almost naked oak.
Scarce a blossom decked earth's bosom;
Scarce a wild bird tired to sing.
Sad wind's sighing - stray rooks flying
Heralded the Winter King.
But the power of sun and flower
Were no needful joys to me;
As I stood, a welcomed comer -
On the steps of Castle Lea. ...'

[No: 4457]

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