GODOLPHIN, Sidney, 1st Earl, letters, autographs, documents, manuscripts

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GODOLPHIN, Sidney, 1st Earl (1645-1712). Statesman.
Document Signed, a warrant appended to a 3-page folio document signed by Travers as Supervisor General, given at Whitehall, 28 March 1704. Concurring with Travers's findings regarding a tenancy claim by Lawrence Carter on the Manor of Stanton belonging to the Hospital of the Savoy, and issuing the warrant to draw up a fair lease for Carter.
The Manor had been demised by the 'Master and perpetual Chaplains of the Hospital of the Savoy' to 'Thomas [Grey], Earl of Stamford', and it was against him that Carter had issued his grievance, alleging that he had been charged excessively for loans and had not been given the time for repayment that had been granted to other tenants.
[No: 7098]

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