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CARLETON, Sir Guy, Baron Dorchester (1724-1808). British Commander-in-Chief in America; governor of Quebec.
Attractive Document Signed ('Dorchester'), partially printed and completed by hand, 1 page folio, Quebec, 11 November 1788. Directing Thomas Boone, Deputy Pay-master General of HM Forces in Canada, to pay £650 15s 4d, being 61 days subsistence for the 65th Regiment of Foot.
Though present at the seige of Louisburg, and defender of Quebec against the Americans, Carleton enjoyed a reputation for fairness and sound common sense in the New World, due to his humane treatment of American prisoners and his kindness towards the Canadian people. He was a fine soldier as well, rallying a largely indifferent and undefended Canada against the Americans, at one point having to escape capture by disguising himself as a fisherman in order to effect passage through the enemy's boats.
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