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BURNE-JONES, Sir Philip, second baronet (1861-1926). Artist.
Pencil drawing on 8vo sheet of writing paper, 170 Holland Park Avenue, June 1911 (in ink), inscribed 'haste & my thanks'. The drawing was sent to Celia Levetus (1874-1936), a respected member of the Birmingham School of illustrators, and depicts a running figure with a 'fat body', holding cards, missing a shoe and losing a sock.
£125 / $161 / €142 [No: 25795]
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COX, David (1783-1859). Landscape painter.
Autograph Letter Signed to Mrs Spiers, 3 pages 8vo, Greenfield [House], Harbourne, 26 December 1851. Thanking her for a letter and gift including 'a token of love and friendship' from her 'nine chicks', sending some drawings (no longer enclosed) for her children, and congratulating them on the arrival of a new daughter.
£250 / $322 / €285 [No: 26411]

CRANE, Walter (1845-1915). Artist.
Autograph Letter Signed on a halfpenny postcard to William Rossiter of the Free Library & Art Galler, Camberwell Road, Beaumont Lodge, 10 November 1887 (slightly creased). Promising to have pictures ready for Rossiter's view by the following day, and suggesting that it would best to hang the sets of drawing together.
£75 / $96 / €85 [No: 26667]
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D'ORSAY, Count Alfred (1801-1852). French artist & dandy.
Autograph Letter Signed in English to Dr Pasquier, 4 pages 8vo (opaque mounting tape adhering to the final page, note of identification at the head), no place, 11 January 1851. Conveying instructions for the taking of daguerreotypes for use in his work, and giving orders for the selling and reproduction of his pictures and other items of business.
£350 / $451 / €399 [No: 24858]
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GÊROME, Jean Léon (1824-1904). French painter.
Group of four Autograph Letters Signed, 4 pages 8vo and 16mo, two on headed paper of 65 boulevard de Clichy, Paris, two autograph envelopes, [1858]-1903 where dated
£450 / $580 / €513 [No: 25404]

GREENAWAY, Catherine (Kate) (1846-1901). Artist & creator of childrens' books.
Autograph Letter Signed to an unnamed correspondent ('Dear Sir'), 2 pages 8vo, 11 Pemberton Gardens, Holloway, 12 September 1883. Probably to Norman Shaw, the architect who was to design her new home at 39 Frognal in Hampstead. Promising to call on him and to discuss plans.
£325 / $419 / €370 [No: 25073]

GREENAWAY, Catherine (Kate) (1846-1901). Artist & creator of childrens' books.
Autograph Letter Signed to Mrs Norman, 2 pages 8vo (the first a little browned), 39 Frognal, Hampstead, 5 May 1892. Explaining that she is too busy to see her in the next few days but could manage later, and that 'I have not seen either of the Miss Adeys for so long'.
£285 / $367 / €324 [No: 24017]

GREENAWAY, Catherine (Kate) (1846-1901). Artist & creator of childrens' books.
Two studies of hands and arms, two arms, one turned up & the other down on an 8vo sheet, and, on a 4to sheet, a profile of a young girl in a sashed dress, holding her arm in front of her, undated.
£125 / $161 / €142 [No: 1997]
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LAWRENCE, Sir Thomas (1769-1830). Painter and draughtsman.
Autograph Letter Signed to an unnamed correspondent, 2 pages 8vo, Russell Square, 10 March 1826. Postponing the sitting of Lady Georgiana because he must attend a meeting of the Trustees of the British Museum ('on an urgent occasion when absence would have great appearance of impropriety').
£150 / $193 / €171 [No: 26061]
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[MEEGEREN, Hans van (1889-1947). Dutch painter and art forger.]
Manuscript Apologia in the form of an article 'The Curtain Falls', attributed to van Meegeren's daughter, presumably Pauline (known later as Inez). Four pages 4to on separate leaves of flimsy blue paper, heavily corrected in parts [1950].
£225 / $290 / €256 [No: 25741]

MONNINGTON, Sir [Walter] Thomas (1901-1976). Artist.
Two Typewritten Letters Signed to Raphael Shaberman, 1 pages 8vo (oblong), Royal Academy of Arts & Leyswood Cottage, Groombridge, Tunbridge Wells, 1968 and 1971. The first an enthusiastic offering to act as Shaberman's referee, the second thanking Shaberman for his ground-breaking work Autistic Children.
£55 / $70 / €62 [No: 23302]

MUNCASTER, Claude (1903-1974). Artist.
Four Typewritten Letters Signed to Wadkin Ltd, one to David Carter, the remaining to H. Beeston, in all 2 pages 8vo and 2 pages 4to, with copies of Wadkin's replies. Four Winds, Petworth, 1950-1951. Discussing two pictures Muncaster is making for the firm: 'Winter's afternoon near Petworth, Sussex' and 'Cuddington in Buckinghamshire.
£85 / $109 / €96 [No: 23440]
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NICHOLLS, Bertram (1883-1974). Artist.
Autograph Letter Signed to the author Grant Uden, together with an autograph manuscript signed, in all 2 pages 4to, New Inn Hotel, Bideford, 7 June 1933. Sending the manuscript on 'the probable development of painting', observations which are somewhat wide of the mark.
£55 / $70 / €62 [No: 23697]
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OTTLEY, William Young (1771-1836). Writer on art & amateur artist.
Autograph Letter Signed to the numismatist Frederic Madden at the British Museum, on a small piece ca 70 x 225 mm (3 x 9 inches), 31 Devonshire Street, 10 October 1831. Introducing John Campbell who wishes to view the King's Library rooms before his return to Paris. A note at the foot identifies Ottley as the author of The History of Engravings.
£55 / $70 / €62 [No: 24069]
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PAPAS, William Elias (1947-2000). Political cartoonist & caricaturist.
Typewritten Letter Signed to M.B. Ashford, 1 page 4to on writing paper of The Guardian, 19 November 1963. Promising to take Ashford's advice and have a look at the cartoons of F.C. Gould, and explaining that, while he sometimes works in colour 'it is not very good colour'.
£45 / $58 / €51 [No: 24317]

PEACOCK, Ralph (1868-1946). Painter.
Autograph Letter Signed to Mrs Holman Hunt, 2 pages 8vo (slight tear in the fold), 32 Holland Park Road, 21 August 1928. Suggesting that another sitting is not required ('I might go further with it and fare worse'), and suggesting that 'the Cambridge Professor' might be called upon to give a neutral opinion.
£65 / $83 / €74 [No: 24475]

PICKERSGILL, Frederick Richard (1820-1900). History painter.
Autograph Letter Signed to his sister Emily, 3½ pages 8vo (traces of former mounting), Yarmouth, Isle of Wight, no date. Thanking her for the socks she has sent from India and giving his opinion of frontier policy ('I should propose to make a line of very strong forts across the country').
£45 / $58 / €51 [No: 24634]

POOLE, Paul Falconer (1807-1879). History & genre painter.
Autograph Note Signed, 1 page 8vo (oblong, typed note of identification at the head, glue stains to the back), no date, 27 Grove Street, Camden Town. Mis-quoting a couplet from Goldsmith's The Deserted Village referencing his famous picture The Emigrant
£45 / $58 / €51 [No: 24886]

PROUT, Samuel (1783-1852). Water-colour painter.
Autograph Letter Signed to H. Bickner, 1 page 8vo, '5 D[e] C[respigny] Terrace, Thursday no date. Cringingly crying off an invitation that he had previously accepted ('Pray pardon it - the loss is mine and I greatly regret it'), because he has double-booked an engagement with Earl de Grey.
£45 / $58 / €51 [No: 25207]
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REPTON, John Adey (1775-1860). Architect and landscape gardener, son of Humphry Repton.
Autograph Letter Signed to an unnamed correspondent, 1 page 8vo, written on the reverse of a draft in another hand, Springfield, 9 October 1845. Asking for his enclosure (no longer present) to be inserted in a magazine.
£75 / $96 / €85 [No: 24612]

ROMNEY, John (1786-1863). Engraver.
Autograph Letter Signed to an unnamed correspondent, 1 page 4to, 13 Clarendon Square, 9 March 1829. Naming his price to engrave a drawing.
£85 / $109 / €96 [No: 25353]
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SCHWABE, Randolph (1885-1948). Painter, etcher and professor of fine art.
Series of five Autograph Letters Signed to Mrs Ollivant (2) and her daughter Rachel (3), 7 pages 8vo and 4to, University College (4) and Hampstead, 1933-1936. Largely concerned with the admission of Rachel Ollivant as a student at the Slade School of Fine Art, and discussing her work at some length with her mother.
£85 / $109 / €96 [No: 26273]

SCOTT, Sir George Gilbert (1811-1878). Architect.
Autograph Letter Signed to A Bruce Joy, 1 page 8vo on black-edged paper (repair to the margin), no place, 13 October 1875. Suggesting Mr Phené Spiers or his son, G.S. Scott though stating that 'I really do not know who to name to you'.
£125 / $161 / €142 [No: 26291]

SMIRKE, Robert (1753-1845). Painter & illustrator.
Document Signed, 1 page small 8vo (oblong) with embossed revenue stamp, no place, 25 January 1794. Ordering payment of £100 to the engraver and printseller John Boydell (1720-1894).
£55 / $70 / €62 [No: 26568]
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VISCONTI, Ludovico (1791-1853). Architect of Napoleon's tomb at the Invalides.
Six Autograph Letters Signed (one unsigned) to a variety of correspondents, 8 pages 8vo and 4to, integral blanks, Paris and Melun, 5 October 1829 to 7 April 1853. One letter on the headed paper of the Interior Ministry's 'Travaux de Tombeau de l'Empereur Napoléon'. With a pencil sketch for a house with a round pepperpot tower at each side.
£650 / $838 / €741 [No: 25402]
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WATTS, George Frederic (1817-1904). Painter and sculptor.
Autograph Letter Signed to Mr Gordon, 1 page 8vo, Little Holland House, 6 October 1896. Declaring that he has 'every reason for believing in the absolute correctness of the statements in Mr (name scribbled out) paper'.
£150 / $193 / €171 [No: 26441]

WILKIE, Sir David (1785-1841). Painter.
Autograph Letter (third person) to Mr Graham, 2 pages 8vo (laid down by the second leaf), Vicarage Place, Kensington, 31 December 1838. Returning General Graham's sword 'the hilt of which only could be put into his Indian picture'.
£85 / $109 / €96 [No: 20773]
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