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BEHR, Fritz Bernhard (1842-1927). Railway engineer.
Series of nine letters (7 Letters Signed and 2 Typewritten Letters Signed) to Sir Henry Truman Wood at the Society of Arts, 10 Pages 8vo, 5 Queen Anne's Gate, February to November 1901.
£375 / $483 / €427 [No: 25940]

BESSEMER, Sir Henry (1813-1898). Steelmaker. Inventor of the Bessemer process.
Autograph Letter Signed to the Secretary of the Turners Company, 2 pages 8vo, (slight remains of former mount), Denmark Hill, 'Tuesday Morning', no date [1880]. Delivering for safe-keeping a casket and scroll.
£110 / $141 / €125 [No: 21266]

BRAMAH, John Joseph (1798-1846). Ironmaster and Engineer.
Autograph Letter Signed to Jones, 3 pages 8vo, Grosvenor Works, Pimlico, 8 November 1836. A strongly reproachful letter concerning the failure to deliver some wrought iron which has delayed an important commission involving the Cubitt engineering firm.
£85 / $109 / €96 [No: 26498]

BRUNEL, Isambard Kingdom (1806-1859). Civil engineer.
Cheque signed ('I.K. Brunel') and partially complete by him, in favour of C.A. Saunders, for £58 2s. 6d., on Messrs Drummonds, London 3 November 1835. Endorsed in the crossing by Brunel for Messrs Glyn & Co.
£350 / $451 / €399 [No: 26756]
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COOPER, Sir Astley Paston (1768-1841). Surgeon.
Autograph Letter Signed to an unnamed correspondent, 1 page 8vo (laid down, some glue-stains showing through), no place, no date. Explaining that he had been detained, but arranging to seeing his correspondent the following week. Together with an engraved portrait by Cochran after the painting by Lawrence.
£75 / $96 / €85 [No: 22056]

CRAWFURD, Sir Raymond Henry Payne (1865-1938). Physician and scholar.
Autograph Letter Signed to a colleague, Spriggs, 1 page 8vo (slightly trimmed at the left hand side?), Royal College of Physicians, 11 July 1933. With carbon copies of Spriggs's letter to Crawfurd suggesting that the College issue an annual warning about influenza, and his reply to Spriggs's suggestion that it would be better to keep silence.
£45 / $58 / €51 [No: 21617]

CROOKES, Sir William (1832-1919). Chemist & science journalist.
Typewritten Letter Signed to Mrs Maskelyne, 1 page 8vo, 7 Kensington Park Gardens, 1 September 1911. Explaining that Crookes and his wife had been laid low by the extreme heat and were only slowly recovering.
£125 / $161 / €142 [No: 25192]

CUVIER, Baron Georges (1769-1832). French naturalist.
Diploma of bachelor of letters, signed 'B.G. Cuvier' in ink, 1 page large folio (310 x 405 mm., 12 x 16 inches) with papered seal, Paris 2 October 1824. On vellum printed with an elaborate border, headed 'Université de France.
£450 / $580 / €513 [No: 25833]
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DAWSON, Bertrand Edward, Viscount (1864-1945). Physician.
Two Typewritten Letters Signed to Mr Gamon, 2 pages 4to, 32 Wimpole Street, 26 February and 3 March 1927. Accepting an invitation from the Whitefriars Club and attempting to set a date, in the earlier letter naming two days in March and in the second suggesting that the autumn might be better.
£45 / $58 / €51 [No: 4226]

DEWAR, Sir James (1842-1923). Scientist. The inventor of cordite.
Three Autograph Letters Signed to Myers, 6 pages 8vo, Cambridge and the Royal Institution (2), 1889 and 1890. Commenting on two patents Myers had sent, expressing concern over his health (1889), and recommending a firm of platinum experts (1890).
£250 / $322 / €285 [No: 26589]

DYSON, Sir Frank Watson (1868-1939). Astronomer Royal.
Autograph Letter Signed to Mrs Joyce, wife of prebendary Joyce, 2 pages 8vo (attached by brown sticky tape to a mount), Royal Observatory, 9 July 1924.
£125 / $161 / €142 [No: 25613]
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EARLE, Henry (1789-1838). Surgeon.
Autograph Letter Signed to William M Moulton, 1 page 4to (traces of former mounting on the back), George Street [Hanover Square, London}, 29 September 1834. Reporting, in glowing terms, on the outstanding conduct of Moulton's son while a pupil of Earle's.
£125 / $161 / €142 [No: 8188]
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FITTIG, Rudolf (1835-1910). German chemist.
Autograph Letter Signed to Mr Muir, 1¼ pages 8vo, (traces of former mount), Chemical Institut, University of Strassburg, 25 June 1885. Informing him that the laboratory is closed in August and September, but that the gentleman in question can have a place for the winter semester, and asking what he wishes to study.
£50 / $64 / €57 [No: 2066]

FLEMING, Sir (John) Ambrose (1849-1945). Electrical engineer. Inventor of the wireless valve.
Autograph Letter Signed on a postcard to H.B. Wheatley at the Society of Arts, 26 July 1896. Asking for 'blue prints or copies' of the diagrams for his Cantor Lecture.
£85 / $109 / €96 [No: 8071]
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GREENWELL, William (1820-1918). Archaeologist.
Autograph Letter Signed to a Doctor, 4 pages 8vo, no place 7 October 1897. Discussing repairs to a pot, and other archaeologial matters.
£45 / $58 / €51 [No: 24344]
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HARTSHORNE, Albert (1839-1910). Archaeologist.
Autograph Letter Signed to an unnamed correspondent, 3 pages 8vo, Bradbourne Hall, Ashbourne, 24 March 1892. Promising to send book plates of, amongst others, Robert Glynn (afterwards Clobery) and announcing an interesting article on the subject from the Ex Libris Society.
£45 / $58 / €51 [No: 6692]

HARTSHORNE, Albert (1839-1910). Archaeologist.
Autograph Letter Signed to Price, 2 pages 8vo, on embossed writing paper of the Royal Archaeological Institute of Great Britain and Ireland, 8 November 1885. Declining to add his name to the list supporting Price for the post of Director of the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge, but wishing him success in his application.
£45 / $58 / €51 [No: 6693]

HARWOOD, Sir Busick (ca 1750-1814). Anatomist.
Autograph Letter Signed to Messrs Kent & Sons in London Wall, 1 page 4to with address on the reverse, 24 August 1809. Discussing carpets, rejecting one but ordering another.
£85 / $109 / €96 [No: 21872]

HOLLAND, Sir Henry, 1st Baronet (1788-1873). Physician and traveller.
Autograph Letter Signed to ?Thomas Allom, 2 pages 8vo (address-leaf removed), L[ower] Brook Street, 'Monday', dated in pencil in another hand '1833'. Conveying the news that their mutual friend has lost his son Arthur Hallam to a sudden illness while they were travelling in Vienna (1833), and asking him to pass on the news to Lord and Lady Holland.
£450 / $580 / €513 [No: 26496]
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JENNER, Sir William (1815-1898). Physician.
Brief Autograph Letter Signed to Miss Hill, 1 page 8vo, 64 Brook Street, 30 November 1874. Assuring her that it was understood that she would go to Hastings ('I thought I was so settled').
£65 / $83 / €74 [No: 25720]

JOHNSTON, George (1797-1855). Physician and naturalist.
Two Autograph Letters Signed one (and probably the other) to John Gray, 4 pages 4to with one address-leaf, Berwick upon Tweed, 27 September 1835 where dated One letter acknowledging receipt of a Royal Medical Society Diploma, and expressing appreciation his long-standing membership of the Society.
£125 / $161 / €142 [No: 24607]
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LANKESTER, Sir Edwin Ray (1847-1929). Zoologist.
Autograph Letter Signed to an unnamed correspondent, 2 page 8vo (rather worn and soiled with traces of former mounting), Oxford, 19 October no year. Informing him that he will not go to Hayling ponds as Mr Fowler would be able to report his findings the MBA Council.
£45 / $58 / €51 [No: 24608]

LANKESTER, Sir Edwin Ray (1847-1929). Zoologist.
Autograph Letter Signed to Grimson, 2 pages 8vo, Oxford, 6 May no year. Setting his fee for a lecture at 30 guineas and offering to speak on either 'Bacteria & the water we drink' or 'Scorpions - their structure, habits & poison'.
£48 / $61 / €54 [No: 20050]

LARDNER, Dionysius (1793-1859). Scientific writer.
Autograph Letter Signed to an unnamed correspondent ('My dear Sir'), 1 page 8vo (tipped at the head to the remains of an album leaf), rue de Lille, 22 March 1854. Recommending Mr Thackeray ('a relative of the well known novelist of that name') who is about to publish a work on the rifle.
£45 / $58 / €51 [No: 5573]

LODGE, Sir Oliver Joseph (1851-1940). Scientist.
Typewritten Letter Signed to H Reinheimer, 1 page 4to, Normanton House, Lake, Salisbury, 21 March 1932. Giving the tentative assurance that all biologists accept symbiosis as a reality, but as he is a scientist himself he recommends that Reinheimer consult Julian Huxley ('who is favourably impressed by your work').
£85 / $109 / €96 [No: 21992]
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OSBORN, Henry Fairfield (1857-1935). American geologist, paleontologist & eugenicist.
Autograph Letter Signed to Balker, 1 page 8vo, 'on board the Cunard R.M.S. Aquitania'. 9 June [1933]. A farewell note, with a word of regret for their failure to meet.
£45 / $58 / €51 [No: 24059]
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PAGE, Thomas (1803-1877). Civil engineer; early proposer of a Channel tunnel.
Autograph Letter Signed to Mrs Enys, 2 pages 16mo (facing), 35 Royal Terrace, Adelphi, 27 March 1871. Sending sympathy for the state of Mr Enys's health, requesting his photograph and promising to send one of himself in return.
£75 / $96 / €85 [No: 24205]

PAGET, Sir James, 1st Baronet (1814-1899). Surgeon.
Autograph Letter Signed to General Lydenoch Gardiner, 2 pages 8vo with blank leaf, 1 Harewood Place, Hanover Square, 18 July 1887.
£125 / $161 / €142 [No: 26379]

PAGET, Sir James, 1st Baronet (1814-1899). Surgeon.
Autograph Letter Signed to Dr Grindrod, 1 page 8vo, 1 Harewood Place, Hanover Square, 1 June 1869. Confirming that he would be at home in London on Friday.
£55 / $70 / €62 [No: 26380]

PARIS, John Ayrton (1785-1856). Physician.
Autograph Letter Signed to 'The Chairman of the Pow Wow', evidently a fellow-physician, 2 pages 8vo, no place, no date. Backing any form of treatment his correspondent prescribes for what appears to be a hopeless case, hinting that the loss of the cook may have contributed to the failure in health, and advocating budgetary restraint.
£55 / $70 / €62 [No: 24323]

PAXTON, Sir Joseph (1803-1865). Gardener & architect; deisgner of the Crystal Palace.
Autograph Letter Signed to J.E. Bradfield, 1 page 8vo on blue paper with embossed Chatsworth vignette, 10 December 1864. Promising to speak to Mr Tite about the subject of his correspondent's note. Neither Bradfield nor Tite have been identified, although the latter could perhaps be (Sir) William Tite (1798-1873, architect, knighted in 1869).
£250 / $322 / €285 [No: 25952]

PERCY, John (1817-1889). Metallurgist.
Autograph Letter Signed to Gowland, 1 page 8vo, on embossed writing paper of the Museum of Practical Geology, 24 January 1872. Thanking Gowland for an 'interesting specimen' and reporting that he can think of no new explanation for the event.
£55 / $70 / €62 [No: 24520]

POCOCK, Reginald Innes (1863-1947). Zoologist; superintendent of London Zoo.
Autograph Letter Signed to Sherborne, 2 pages 8vo (note of identification in ink at the head), Zoological Society's Gardens, Regents Park, 17 April 1910. Enlisting Sherborne's assistance in locating a paper ('I suppose it is one of those beastly German doctor's degree treatises').
£45 / $58 / €51 [No: 24821]

PRAIN, Sir David (1856-1944). Botanist.
Autograph Letter Signed to Mrs Payne, 2 pages 8vo, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, 28 November 1919. Apologising for not replying earlier to a previous letter and passing on advice about the grafting of mistletoe plants.
£45 / $58 / €51 [No: 25179]
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RENNIE, John (1761-1821). Civil engineer.
Autograph Letter Signed to an unnamed correspondent, 2 pages 8vo (slight foxing at the head), Stamford Street [Southwark], 9 September 1813. Explaining that he had been away from London and would be unlikely to be able to travel to Ireland that year.
£325 / $419 / €370 [No: 25953]

RENNIE, Sir John (1794-1874). Civil engineer.
Autograph Letter Signed to John Wilson Croker (1780-1857, politician and writer), 1 page 4to with integral address-leaf, Stamford Street, 17 January 1823. Sending two inscriptions, one for the Ramsgate Harbour obelisk and one for a memorial in St Pauls, and asking for Croker's opinion ('whose superior judgement must decide').
£45 / $58 / €51 [No: 26039]

ROGET, Peter Mark (1779-1869). Physician & Savant; published Roget's Thesaurus.
Autograph Letter Signed to Dr Sharpey (presumably the physiologist William Sharpey, 1802-1880), 3 pages 8vo, 18 Upper bedford Place, 4 May 1846. Advising Sharpey not to hasten into print in the 'Lancet' in the matter of a dispute.
£175 / $225 / €199 [No: 20994]
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SABINE, Sir Edward (1788-1883). Army officer, explorer and physicist.
Autograph Letter Signed to E.W. Cooke, 3 pages 8vo, 13 Ashley Place, 27 April no year [watermark 1862]. Welcoming him home and inviting him to an early dinner to meet a colleague.
£110 / $141 / €125 [No: 25355]

SABINE, Sir Edward (1788-1883). Army officer, explorer and physicist.
Autograph Letter Signed to John Murray, 1½ pages 8vo (traces of glue in the margin), no place, 29 January 1867. Thanking Murray for a copy of de Chaillu's 'volume'.
£75 / $96 / €85 [No: 26214]

SCOTT, John (1799-1846). Surgeon.
Autograph Letter Signed to John Churchill (1801-1875, medical publisher), 2 pages 8vo (second blank sheet cut in half), no place, no date (watermark. 1844). Diffidently suggesting a 'few advertisements in the Record Newspaper, it has an extensive circulation among the clergy & they are very frequently the subjects of cataracts'.
£45 / $58 / €51 [No: 26295]

SEDGWICK, Adam (1785-1873). Geologist.
Autograph Letter Signed to an unnamed correspondent, 1½ pages 8vo on the second and third facing pages (first page cut in half), no place, 'Thursday morn' no date. Suggesting that his correspondent's copy of Babbington might be 'left with a note requiring him to give the Copy of your note to the Rivers'.
£65 / $83 / €74 [No: 26316]

SELBY, Prideaux John (1788-1867). Naturalist.
Autograph Letter Signed to an unnamed correspondent, 1 page 8vo, Twizell House, 5 August 1852. Sending a postal order for £2 for 'fittings etc of the Ipswich Museum', and regretting that the many calls on his purse prevent his sending any more.
£85 / $109 / €96 [No: 26343]

SMYTH, Sir Warington Wilkinson (1817-1890). Mining engineer.
Autograph Letter Signed to S.A. Morgan, 1 page 8vo, 5 Inverness Terrace, 30 January 1884. Arranging an appointment either at his home in Inverness Terrace or at the office of the Mine Accidents Commission in Westminster.
£55 / $70 / €62 [No: 26570]

SMYTH, William Henry (1788-1865). Admiral and scientific writer.
Autograph Letter Signed to an unnamed correspondent, 1½ pages 8vo, St John's Lodge, Aylesbury, 26 January 1859. An amusing letter telling of the breakfast-table announcement of Baden Powell's election to his two sons.
£125 / $161 / €142 [No: 26571]

STEPHENSON, George (1781-1848). Colliery and railway engineer.
Fine long Letter Signed to Inge, 10 pages 8vo on three separate sheets (small pin-holes at the head of each), Tapton House, 24 December 1845. Describing his visit to Spain where he had been conducting a survey with a view to making a railway, and describing in gory detail a bullfight that he had witnessed.
£1850 / $2386 / €2109 [No: 25603]

STEPHENSON, Robert (1803-1859). Railway and civil engineer.
Letter Signed ('Rob. Stephenson') to Peter Le Neve-Foster, secretary of the Society of Arts, 1 page 4to, 24 Great George Street, 3 July 1858. With the received hand-stamp of the Society in the upper left hand corner.
£450 / $580 / €513 [No: 26612]
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THOMPSON, Sir Henry, 1st Baronet (1820-1904). Surgeon.
Letter Signed to [Walter Raleigh] Browne and an Autograph Letter Signed to C[harles] Manby, in all 6 pages 8vo, ? and London, 27 October 1873 and 4 January 1899. The first letters reports on his holiday where he has seen Browne's two daughters, mentioning their industriousness and the charms of the place; the second sends thanks for congratulations (on his baronetcy).
£85 / $109 / €96 [No: 7384]

TYNDALL, John (1820-1893). Physicist and mountaineer.
Letter Signed to H.Y. Thompson, 1 page 8vo with blank leaf, Royal Institution, 16 February, no year. Referring to an unspecified passage he had recently quoted in correspondence having 'an obvious bearing on present events.'
£150 / $193 / €171 [No: 26252]
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VERNEUIL, Edouard Poulletier de (1805-1873). Geologist and paleontologist.
Autograph Letter Signed in English to E[dward] Wood, 2½ pages 8vo (laid down with the envelope-front), London, 'friday night', no date. Thanking him warmly for his hospitality, asking him to instruct the Scarborough dealer to send specimens to him at Somerset House, and describing the difficulties of his journey back to London.
£75 / $96 / €85 [No: 22085]

VINES, Sydney Howard (1849-1934). Botanist.
Autograph Letter Signed to Mrs Fox, 1 page 8vo, Headington Hill, Oxford, 3 November 1919. Giving advice on the mistletoe in her garden.
£45 / $58 / €51 [No: 25186]
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